Facebook expects India will soon surpass the US and Indonesia to become its largest market in terms of users.

“India is our third largest market in terms of number of users and what we’re excited about and why we’re here is because some time in the future, we think that India will pass first Indonesia, which should happen soon, and then US,” says Facebook’s vice president for mobile partnerships and corporate development Vaughan Smith.

India has nearly 30 million Facebook users, while Indonesia has more than 45 million users. According to reports, more than three-fourth of all Facebook users are outside the US. The figures released by ComScore in June revealed that the number of Facebook users in India was growing at a phenomenal pace. According to the data, one out of three Internet users in India was a Facebook user.

Moreover, the Indian companies from various sectors including retail and hospitality are harnessing Facebook to reach out to their audience and promote their businesses. Smith highlights that more than half of Facebook users in India access the social network via theirmobile devices.

With number of Internet users in India expected to touch 121 million by year end, Facebook’s prospects look better in the country. According to the annual I-Cube report jointly published by IMRB and the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IMAI), India is likely to surpass the US, which has some 245 million Internet users, within two years.