Know Me

Welcome to my blog once again…..Without any dump i am going directly to my introduction…

Hi…..This is Chaitanya Varma. I’m pursuing my B.Tech in Avanthi’s Research & Technological Academy. My stream is C.S.E(Computer Science & Engg.). Many people, i heard, from my stream didnt like to get into this stream but were forced to, as there were no seats available for their ranks, in other streams. Unlike them, i was very interested in this field from my schooling and with interest got into this field.

So, getting to this field with interest made me learn many new things. Now i am interested in collecting softwares as many as possible(Open Source) nd im also very much interested in news related to Information Technology, which i am going to share with you in this BLOG. So, now you are done with my profile. Get back with my latest News. Thank u for reading this…..



2 thoughts on “Know Me”

  1. B.Praveen Kumar said:

    All the best my dear friend, lets hope we gonna settle in reputed s/w company where in we can explore and learn many things to succeed in our life.
    with love your dear friend Praveen Kumar

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